Indoor Golf Simulator New Arrival!

Only $30 per hour(1-4 players together)

High speed camera sensor system provides the feeling of real field practice to the players
Indoor Golf simulator provides the solution to the business plan of driving ranges’ third floors of where there are very often empty with no players. Players can enjoy an 18 hole rounding, checking each shot of their own, with this Indoor TV Golf system.
Indoor golf simulator system
- A new model of revenue-creating for driving ranges.
The system overcomes the limitation of normal simulation golf by providing rounding at open spaces to the players, thus giving them the feeling of enjoying a round at a real golf course.
The system provides rounding to the players at any season, any weather and any time of a day
Booking Policy
⦁    Default booking is 18 holes play (average one hour per player) unless otherwise agreed.
⦁    Let us know of any changes to your booking details (tee time, # of players, etc) in advance.
This will help us to know when your room is free to others.
⦁    You can cancel your booking up to four hours in advance.
⦁    Your timer will start at your tee time even though you are late, so please be on time.
⦁    If you are late without proper notice, your booking can be cancelled and regarded as a no-show.
⦁    No-show customers will have their booking privileges suspended

Swing Evaluation by MGA
Your Swing Evaluation is a 60-minute introductory lesson. Your Coach measures your swing, records it on video and provides a clear explanation of what needs to improve. Armed with this information, your Coach recommends a lesson plan to meet your goals.


2021 Spring Break Junior Golf Camp
The Sunshine Woods Golf Camp is a very successful program developed and organized. This is going 8 hours; a 4 days experience, which provides Expert instructions with champion CPGA golf professional. The students are introduced to golf etiquette (rules and safety) and the basic fundamentals of golf. These are the grip, posture, stance, alignment, and ball position. With these fundamentals, the student learns to swing the golf club with ease and power. There are three areas that are stressed in our program: chipping, putting, and the swing.
The cost for the camp is $300 (only 6 kids in one camp) Included with the Camp:
• 8 Hours of Professional instructions
• Practice ball (400 balls each)
• Skills competition
• Course competition
• There will be 4 camps through Spring Break
The dates of the camps are as follows:
Camp A:Mar 13-16 ;
Camp B:Mar 17-20;
Camp C:Mar 21-24;
Camp D:Mar 25-28
10:30am-12:30pm or
❖Parents are encouraged and welcome to register and learn with their son and daughter.
SunshineWoods Golf Centre TEL: 604-596-0533

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